QAV Screen Donation.

QAV Global are proud to be able to support such a valuable local resource, Eddie’s (part of the Edmunds Trust) by donating some of our former hire stock screens looking for a new home.

Edmund Trust is 75 years old and one of Cambridge’s oldest and largest social care providers. The Edmunds Trust has been doing amazing work across the East of England providing lifelong opportunities and equal lifestyles for the people who need it. Striving to empower people with disabilities and promote a positive ethos.

Eddie’s is an operating division of The Edmund Trust. Providing a wide range of services for children, young people, and adults with learning or physical disabilities, whilst also supporting their families and carers.

They support volunteering for children and young people giving Mums and Dads an essential break. Providing daytime activities in March and in Milton for people to gain lifelong skills and manage their mental health and independence.

Delivering a piece of work for the NHS on supporting youngsters under 25 who have autism and learning disabilities who are at risk of admission to hospital due to their mental health.

They also have a hydrotherapy pool in Fulbourn, Cambridge that is used exclusively by the disabled community – Hydrotherapy for those who don’t know, is a way to relieve pain, relax and strengthen muscles and increase circulation around the body.

The aim with these screens is support those with visual impairments in their offices. To share information and opportunities at the hydrotherapy pool, and to share activities with people they support in their day-to-day projects in the Fenland and Milton Art Works.

This is not the 1st time QAV have donated items to Eddie’s. A few years back we donated some printed backdrops which are still used in the dining room today. Creating a sensory nightclub feel in a dining space for people with special needs.

Finally, a shared opinion with Mark at Eddie’s we would like to promote, is just how easy Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is. Often companies go for the replace or dump, rather than offer out and give it a new home. We urge all who can do so, to think about where their unused technology may be able to support others within these incredible charitable organisations, as you may not be aware of how helpful these donations can be to other communities within society.

If you would like to find out more about the great work they do at Eddies, or how you can get involved you can read more here:

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